Just today, 12 years ago Dario was born our first child … and that 20 May 2008 for me and my wife was the real Beatiful Day. Since then everything has changed and the newcomer has given us the opportunity to see life from another point of view giving us the opportunity to improve not only for us but also for future generations.

On the occasion of the baptism of Dario my grandfather Franco planted an olive tree, which he thought of calling “I’Maggiore”, and he also had the idea of dedicating it and having it adopted by the new born. We did the same for Diego, our second son born in 2012, who adopted the “I ‘Minore” olive tree, always planted on the occasion of his baptism alongside his brother.

It is traditional to take a family photo where you can see the growth of our children year after year and what we are most concerned about is the hope that they will always remain close as their olive trees.

In the last two months, the campaign has been the center of the world for Us…. the emergency has distanced us, but at the same time has united us even more in the important values of life.

Honestly I could not imagine that pruning the olive trees with my grandfather, my father and my two children could make me have fun and excitement like a child who discovers new games.

Try that healthy effort to make the new organic garden and already reap the “fruits” is a pleasant feeling that gave me balance, which reminds me of where we come from and makes me understand in which direction we should go in respect of nature and our species.


The olive tree is one of the oldest plants that man has cultivated, it is celebrated in all civilizations and religions of the peoples of the Mediterranean and has always been considered the tree of peace, love and strength. Cultivating and caring for the family farm with vineyards and olive trees allows us to stay in contact with our loved ones in the simplest and most profound way typical of our peasant origins.

This is our Family, at the edge of the football field, in the background you can see the Monastery of the Sisters of Morrocco and the Tuscan Hills in bloom … and we are happy to celebrate this special day … joking about which of the two Olives will have more fruits …

Happy Birthday Dario !!! … ..

Patrizio Mori